Virtual Petcare Hospital In Dehradun

You can make an appointment for a Virtual Visit, Chat with veterinarians on WhatsApp, and receive personalized support for your pet's health. We're always here to help you as well as your pet.

virtual petcare hospital in dehradun

Get more value with virtual services

Do we provide a range of options for remote service? Make it easier to visit the vet by making the Virtual Visit, Chat with a vet any time of the day via Whatsapp or receive nutrition advice and more With a personalized Pet Wellness 1:1. We guarantee that your dog will love it (your cat will too).

Your Virtual Service Plan includes these virtual services :

Virtual Office Visits

Your time is precious and visiting the vet may be difficult. Virtual visits with your veterinarian Dr. Vyas Pet Hospital veterinary team means that you can virtually talk to a veterinarian or a certified Vet techs at home, during vacation, or everywhere else.

24/7 Chat Feature

Have questions about your pet’s health or well-being? Whether it’s 3AM or 3PM, connect with a real vet on your phone or computer to get immediate advice — and pet peace of mind.

Pet Wellness 1:1

Are you unsure of what your dog should eat? Do you wonder if your cat might be becoming choky? Your petcare virtual service package includes a 1-on-1 nutritional coaching session with a qualified advisor.

Save time and get quality care with a virtual visit :

Medication support and preventive care

Need help giving your pet medicine? Have vaccination or heartworm, tick, and flea prevention questions? A Virtual Visit with a our vet can help.

Puppy and kitten advice

Kittens and puppies look adorable. However, they're also quite a lot of work. Find all your questions answered regarding socialization toilet feeding, nutritional, behavioral, and much more.

Procedure information

Did your cat just go through surgery? Did your cat receive teeth cleaned? Through Virtual Visits, Your doctor will review details about post- and pre-surgical the results of your test, X-rays, and more.

Call us to get schedule a virtual appointment !

Give us a call for an appointment and we will arrange everything and see if your next visit can be virtual.

Chat with your vet and save a visit to hospital !

Chat with your vet on whatsapp and Explore all the options and find the right one for you and your furry friend.

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pet hospital in dehradun

"The clinic is very compassionate and patient. A well-trained doctor. 24/7 service and an all-in-one facility for all your pet's requirements. We have beagles who are that is seven months old and this facility has served as my pillar and rock for all of my pet's emergency needs. Dr. Vyas is a gem of a doctor who is always there and extremely kind to pet owners and pets alike. I would suggest that everyone who is in the area never hesitate to bring their pet with them to see Dr. Vyas only. "

-Anuradha c

"This is my first time visiting Dr. Vyas pet Hospital. The doctor will begin to measure the body's temperature, weight, and temperature as well as take blood samples. I'm waiting for two to three hours in Hospital the final report will include her kidney, liver, and kidney. The damage was extensive. Dr.Vyas suggests that she be admitted to the hospital for 7 to 8 days. He will provide her with the proper treatment. The dog is healthy. Thank you Ujjawal for their help. take good care of my dog. He will be able to make video calls. Again, thank you. Thanks to you and your team."

- Pushpraj B

"Thank you very much Thank you, Dr. Priyank Vyas. I strongly suggest to everyone Dr. Vyas Pet Hospital as everyone there is very attentive to taking care of your adorable dogs and girls. Dr. Priyank explained everything, from issues to diagnosis reports The procedure is explained in a thorough and easily understood to understand the procedure in a very clear and easy-to-understand manner. Thank you for this and best of all the best to the team at the clinic. (thanks Ujjwal) I'm hoping you'll open the new hospital branch in Haridwar in the near future."

- Rakesh K